7-day sample menu to delight even the most exquisite clientele's palate.
DAY 1 Carrot with yoghurt and wallnut (top is covered with tomato sauce and butter)
Basmati rice
Purslane salad
Green beans with meat (cut in small chucks)
Ice – cream

Octopus salad
Şakşuka (fried aubergine with tomato and garlic sauce)
Arugula salad
Fried calamari
Oven baked fish
Oven baked helva* (with honey, wallnut and almond)

* A sweet prepared in many varieties with sesame oil

DAY 2 Penne with zucchini, aubergine and pepper
Beetroot with yoghurt
Potato crocket
Chicken fricassee with asparagus, cooked and served on artichoke
Seasonal mixed fruits
Kidney bean (red bean)
Green salad
Hellim cheese with basil sauce
Roasted veal meat
Rice pudding
DAY 3 Leek salad
Baked bread with zucchini and peas
Purslane with yoghurt
Mashed aubergine
Dolma (stuffed grape leaves, aubergine, green pepper and zucchini with minced meat, rice and tomato)
Haydari (a spread made with yoghurt, garlic, dry mint and thyme)
Bakla (broad bean with olive oil and served with yoghurt)
Risotto with saffron
Fillet steak (marinated with white wine and served with shallot and mushroom cream sauce)
Apple Pie
DAY 4 Grated carrot with yoghurt and garlic
Shrimps salad
Crepe with avocado and smoked salmon
Fillet fish
Kopoglu (fried aubergine with yoghurt and garlic sauce)
Seasonal salad
Avcı Boregi (pastry with minced meat, onion, pepper paste, wheat and spices)
Mushroom au gratin with yellow cheese
Lamb Tandoori
Kazandibi (a kind of traditional Turkish milky dessert)
DAY 5 Iceberg salad
Italian pastry with artichoke
Chicken with whit wine sauce
Muhallebi (Turkish pudding with mastic)
Salad (Pear, lettuce, wallnut, raspberry and cheese)
Tarator with red pepper
Baked potato
Rice with vegetable
Grilled meat with barbeque sauce
Dessert with quince
DAY 6 Celery with olive oil
Red cabbage salad
Mantı (a kind of ravioli, traditional Turkish cuisine)
Filled cheese pastry
Karnıyarık (dish made of eggplant stuffed with ground meat )
Şekerpare (a kind of Turkish dessert with syrup)
American salad
Eggplant salad
Pastry with arugula, cheese and bechamel sauce
Spinach with yoghurt and garlic
Rolled beef-steak
Baklava (a kind of Turkish dessert with syrup)
DAY 7 Baked bread with arugula and orange
Yaprak sarma (stuffed grape leaves with rice)
Mashed potatoes
Grilled vegetable
Oven baked chicken
Cream caramel
Spread with hot chili pepper
Potato salad
Tuna fish salad
Jumbo shrimps
Oven baked fish in salt cover